Buy Slapwoods online Now and understands that rolling your own cigar is a very personal thing. Some people enjoy the art of rolling, while others just enjoy the finished product, but we can all agree that time is money.smokers. 

Slapwoods is made from only the finest quality and highest grade natural tobacco leaf. Our virgin cigar wraps have never been tainted by low grade filler tabacco, and are all natural and always fresh for a perfect and consistent smoke every roll. Buy slapwoods online now.



Slapwoods is more than just a cigar , it’s a lifestyle. Our clothing line is designed to represent the culture of smoking, music, and fashion. Our merchandise is more than just the basics, it’s about a brand, the Slapwoods brand. Whether you are lounging around the house, grinding at the skate park, out in the streets, or turning the night up, we got you covered.


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